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Tracy CT Locksmith Store, Tracy, CT 203-871-1138It is very common and quite easy for a key to break in lock, especially when excessive force is used. You may have the misconception that using a magnet or other hacks will easily remove the broken pieces, but you may do more harm than good. Have you thought about your next solution for unlocking the door? If it is broken similarly in an ignition switch, what will you do? How will you procure a new car key in the middle of the road? Don’t panic and avail the service of a professional locksmith immediately, after your key broke in lock .

’s most trusted and reliable agency, Tracy CT Locksmith Store provides efficient and swift services at affordable prices for commercial, residential and automotive clients. When you try to extract it yourself, there is a great chance that you may damage your locks and even harm yourself in the process. But our experts, on the other hand, will rush to your location in less than 30 minutes, will extract the broken pieces, and will craft you a new key onsite.

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Extracting a broken key needs a certain amount of expertise and experience. Tracy CT Locksmith Store’s team of technicians have years of experience and have been trained rigorously and can get the job done in a matter of minutes, hence, saving time and frustration for the client. Our experts are just a call away and are ready to serve you 24/ 7. Within just 30 minutes of your call, our team will be at your location and provide the extraction service onsite.

Available 24/ 7

What is the use of having a service, if it is not available in your time of need? What are you supposed to do if your key broke in lock , in the middle of the night? Is it actually possible to wait safely for help, with the rising rate of crime? Will you be able to handle the situation without the expertise of a professional? Don’t panic in such a situation and immediately avail our services, as we are available to serve you 24/ 7.

Swift service

Our main priority is customer satisfaction, so we aim to provide quality service with the least amount of response time. If your key broke in lock , call us immediately and in a matter of minutes our techmasters will be at your location. We also employ a fleet of mobile service vans to provide super fast service.

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